Kathy Pollak's children's book The Magic Belt is a holiday favorite.

This Christmas Eve Juster, the littlest elf, is finally old enough to help in Santa’s workshop. The sleigh is fully loaded and Juster is eager to help Santa and the reindeer. But, Santa says the young elf must stay behind once more. When Santa runs into a problem delivering toys, can Juster save the day?

Author-illustrator Kathy Pollak has been sharing this story with children in her classroom for years. This charming Christmas picture book is now available for your whole family to enjoy. Beautifully illustrated, "The Magic Belt" is an ideal holiday read aloud for children of all ages. 

Kathy Pollak's Children's book "The Magic Belt" is a 40 page, 6 1/2"x8", soft cover, full color children’s book. This fun book is a perfect size for kids to hold.

The story about the littlest elf shows that no matter how small you are you can do important things. The present at the end of the book allows parents to interact with their children to encourage creative thinking. There can be a discussion about appropriate actions a child should take.

This book is an appropriate read aloud for children from 4 years and up. Strong second grade readers can read it. Adults also enjoy this book.

The book sells for $18.50.   WEB SPECIAL $10.00
The author will personally sign the inside cover to the person you select.

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Santa stepped away from the sleigh and went right to the chimney. With a kind of giant leap Santa was on the top edge of the chimney. He closed his eyes and jumped down. Only he didn’t go down the chimney all the way. He was stuck not quite half in. His eyes popped open with surprise and he began to try to get out. But try as hard as he could he could not budge.The whole time he was muttering, “Oh dear, oh dear. How could this happen? What could have gone wrong? I know I was in a hurry when I left the North Pole but I’m sure I did all I had to do. Let’s see. I’ve got my hat and mittens so I don’t catch cold. The reindeer are here, the toys, the belt. The belt! Oh, no, I forgot my belt.” He tried even harder to get out of the chimney. He was stuck


Louise and Dick Smith, New Hampshire

This is an absolutely delightful Christmas story with a new twist on it!! It held my interest and that of my grandchildren from start to finish. The illustrations are some of the finest I've ever seen...consistent from page to page with excellent facial portraits. It will be read each year from now on.

Text is from the above page.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Santa had worked very hard all year long making presents for boys and girls. He had so many gifts to make that on Christmas Eve he was still finishing one last sled.

Most of the elves were busy wrapping toys, loading the sleigh and getting reindeer ready. But one little elf stood at Santa’s side. He was the youngest elf and this was his first year helping Santa.

Juster was trying to get Santa’s attention. Santa turned to him. “Yes, what is it?” he said.

“Please, Santa, can I come with you tonight?” Juster asked.

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